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Tweens and Teens Program

This journey into self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-love is done all through intentional creativity and it all takes place at our farm and art studio in Canton, Georgia.

From personal experience, using DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and art, to personally heal, my experience working with teens for over 20 years, combined with my formal studies in Education, Feng Shui, Intentional Creativity , Mindfulness Meditation and Life Coaching has shaped my mindfulness and intentional creativity coaching practice.

Making art has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while boosting self-confidence. It has been known to be a healthy distraction from emotional and physical pain. It strengthens attention span, helping you stay focused longer. It teaches problem solving, develops eye-hand coordination, and encourages creative thinking. Creating art releases dopamine, that feel good chemical we all crave.

The creative visual exercises and activities I use are designed to help develop the skills of core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and non-judgmental acceptance of self, others, and of the world we live in. They are also designed to help identify and replace old limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

My studio is designed to be a fun, safe, judgment-free space where conversations and ‘opening up’ happens naturally, as trust is developed. It’s through these conversations that I’m able to offer some insight into your child's thinking. I will share my experience, strength, and hope while empowering them towards self-awareness and acceptance. I will become their accountability partner while they learn to take healthier actions.

The program starts with a complimentary 1-hour visit to the farm and studio. It is an informal time for me to meet your child, walk around the farm, play with the animals, talk, and spend some time in the studio.


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What parents are saying:

“At the time I spoke with Edvique I had sought various avenues
(Including professional counseling) to help my daughter stop self-harming. I shared with Edvique what was happening with Rachel and she asked me to bring her to her house for an initial "play” visit. That day, it was just the 3 of us and I was kind of a spectator while I watched Edvique take a genuine interest in learning about Rachel. Working with Edvique ignited or possibly uncovered a passion in Rachel that absolutely changed her path to a more positive path in life.  She loves to spend time with her mentor/mom/coach figure WHENEVER possible.  As Rachel's mom, I couldn't be happier to have found someone who LOVES my daughter like one of her own.  The fact that they love to create beautiful things together might have been the initial connection, but their relationship is so much more than that today and I'm so thankful for that. Many years later, Rachel indicated to me that spending time with
Edvique and learning how to create beautiful things with her had saved her.  I take that statement very seriously.  For the record, Rachel is thriving today, she is happy, confident and a 4.0 student in college”



My daughter, Chris participated in Edvique’s teen program. During that time Edvique made a positive impact on Chris as well as my entire family as we navigated through the tough teenage years.
When I first spoke with Edvique I babbled out our story full of heartache and concerns about Chris, I cried about her low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and her self-mutilating behavior. Chris had begun cutting herself a year before. Counseling and medication seemed ineffective. When I finally took a breath, Edvique explained her passion about how she has seen creative mindfulness work for young girls and suggested a casual meeting with me and my daughter at her studio in her home.
That evening meeting was life changing for all of us. Edvique and Chris felt an immediate connection. Chris was enthralled with Edvique’s charismatic personality, compassionate listening
and her artistic talents. I knew Chris’s felt safe with Edvique as I listened to my daughter openly share her thoughts, feelings, and even the fact that she had been cutting herself. Edvique listened with love to Chris for two hours that night. Our healing had begun!
Since the first meeting our family has begun to heal and move forward on a positive path toward recovery. My daughter looks forward to each mindfulness art session with Edvique. Chris has developed new coping skills to help her handle the insecurities, stress and anxiety of being a teenager in today’s world. She now spends time painting or making jewelry. Chris reaches into her creative soul and produces art whether she is happy or sad. She no longer cuts herself or shuts herself away from our family. She has also shared these healthy coping skills with some of her friends, who now have their own art journals and jewelry making items. Through Edvique’s encouragement my husband and I are focusing more on our self-care and spending less time and energy hovering over our daughter.
Through Edvique’s guidance and mindfulness art sessions, Chris developed  positive tools and creative outlets to cope with life’s trials. We are incredibly thankful to have Edvique as part of our