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This journey into self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-love is done all through intentional creativity.

SHIFT is our Mindfulness Meditation, Mind Rewire and Manifestation Coaching Program. Our mission is to help you become your own psychological interventionist and learn how to coach yourself thought life so that you can bring the very essence of who you are back into your life.


Our program is very much a process of creating stillness within, letting go, and self-discovery. It’s an experiential process, challenging at times but by trusting the process, hanging in, and pushing through, our critical noise becomes quieter and we open ourselves to being able to tune into the whispers of our souls. During the process, we discover beliefs that might be limiting us and interfering with our dreams. We learn how to challenge and replace those limited beliefs for empowering ones. We learn how to re-wire our brains, we learn how to regulate our emotions so that we don’t reach a point of total distress, which is where we revert to old sabotaging patterns and compulsive behaviors. We learn to get out of the way so that our heartfelt desires can manifest themselves. We shift from the noise in our heads to our heart space and we shift from creating little pieces of art into creating that life we’ve been dreaming about.




Our coaching program SHIFT has been shaped by my personal experience, using CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and Intentional art, to personally heal and create a beautiful life for myself.  It is also shaped by my formal studies in Education, Psychology, Feng Shui, Intentional Creativity, Mindfulness, Mind Rewire, Somatic experiencing, Meditation and Life Coaching. Last, but not least, it’s been shaped by my experience working with teens and women for over 28 years

Book your free one-time consultation to learn more about our self-coaching program and then decide if SHIFT is the program for you. 

What people are saying
"it works!"

We met Edvique with Living my Now last year in 2022. My daughter had tried traditional therapy. Every
time she left therapy, she would say she was not sure what she got out of it. Then we heard about
Edvique and Living my Now through a recommendation. My daughter has loved seeing Edvique from
the start. She is patient, an amazing listener, and has had great insight for my daughter. They work
through art while working through issues, which my daughter has loved. My daughter has become
stronger emotionally, more confident, done better in school, and most importantly stayed away from
drugs, alcohol and nicotine after seeing Edvique. Edvique has gone above and beyond, and once in an
effort to help my daughter overcome her fear of working at the gym, actually met her there and worked
out with her. Edvique has been an incredible blessing to my daughter and our family, and I highly
recommend her.



"it works!"

I am a public defender.  For more than 15 years, I have defended people sentenced to death in the United States. People who end up on death row typically were children who grew up in dire poverty, sexually and physically abused, and often have serious mental illnesses. The prisoners are isolated and do not have access to mental health care. I have been working with Edvique and have used her mindfulness drawing to help me personally cope with the secondary trauma I experience through my career. I wish that Edvique could work directly with all of my clients because I know I would see improvement in their day-to-day lives.




My name is Sara Romano. I am a social worker and work with clients who are on Death Row in Alabama. I’ve been friends with Edvique’s for many years and have watched her manage her life with her creative mindfulness meditation. Due to covid, she began doing the creative mindfulness meditation via zoom in August of 2020. I began doing it with her that very month, she offers it weekly and free of charge. Many people participate in it including myself, my daughter, and my granddaughters. For us it’s been amazing to get in the meditative zone and decrease stress and anxiety. For my granddaughters, they learned that nothing needs to be perfect in life. I thought that I wasn’t creative and couldn’t do it but learned otherwise. It’s not about being creative it’s about getting into the meditation and realizing that I can control my stress and anxiety as I draw. During the day when I am frustrated by the work that I do, I remind myself that I can handle it and that I don’t have to be perfect and can’t do everything possible for my clients as much as I’d like to. Because it’s not possible to do everything possible due to not having enough time in a day, week, month, or year to get everything done for my clients.
Edvique did a zoom meeting with my office and for the Federal Defenders across the United States for creative mindfulness meditation. It was amazing and I know that everyone enjoyed it and appreciated it very much. 




The staff of the Multicultural Program of CFVC had the opportunity to receive 10 coaching sessions of the Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation Coaching SHIFT Program provided by Edvique. The sessions allowed us to learn how to concentrate through doodling to prevents our minds wandering, engage with the moment and be able to pay attention to information presented. It also taught us to guide the clients how to reconnect thinking and feeling, since doodling is a whole brain activity, spontaneous, at times unconscious, self-soothing, satisfying, exploratory, memory-enhancing, and mindful. The techniques learned focuses on training attention and awareness, putting the mind in a calm and stable state, and help to exercise our creative brain hemisphere. Multicultural staff is now providing a trauma-informed approach to mindfulness meditation through doodling to Spanish speaking survivors of domestic violence to enhance skills that support trauma recovery.



Please accept this as my most heartfelt recommendation for SHIFT. I am a professional therapist, specializing in addiction, addicted family systems and am a certified interventionist. I have had the pleasure of personally experiencing the benefits of participating in SHIFT, as well as observing the benefits experienced by others in a therapeutic setting. Edvique brings a very thoughtful, judgment free, and gentle approach to working with her clients. She has a thorough understanding of the neuroplastic change that is possible utilizing the SHIFT modules. Clients are guided through each module in a mindful manner allowing the change to take place without overthinking or over analyzing, which creates less resistance or anxiety. The SHIFT program can be beneficial for a variety of clients with various issues. I whole heartedly recommend SHIFT and Edvique.




As an individual and Family Therapist for over 30 years I am always on the lookout for tools to aid clients. I have found The Meditative Drawing every Friday since the onset of the pandemic to be a game changer for my well-being as well as my work with clients. 

This new form of meditation is part of my daily self care and has had a positive impact on my ability to reduce personal feelings of “burnout.” As a byproduct of COVID and it’s far reaching affects -the mental health community suffers a mental exhaustion that has been unprecedented to date.

Since I have found the practice to have a positive impact on myself, I have referred several clients to the Friday Meditative Drawing sessions. These clients report greater frustration tolerance while having more access to their imagination, creativity, and intuition. I believe these are three key components for problem solving.

I highly recommend this method of creative meditation for individuals, corporations and institutions that could offer this tool to their varies members in this post Pandemic environment.




I love being a nurse right now bc I do get my connection with others and I get to serve. I have experienced a lot of front row seats to human experience through my patients. Some days are absolutely fulfilling to serve my patients and other days very very very fear producing and emotional. I have been learning how to detach in order to be mentally well, but I have also had to get into EMDR, counseling and take medication bc PTSD. I try very hard to stay mentally healthy, which I’m grateful for the art outlet. It has been extremely poetic to my hurting heart and healing for my serving hands. When I do mandalas or doodling, my hands get to do something toward my serenity. They get to focus on my healing. When I am at work, my hands are focused on my patient’s healing. So, the art is time for Kelly. I  have learned that the only thing you can control is yourself. It has been a tough learning opportunity, but I am growing. 





“At the time I spoke with Edvique I had sought various avenues
(Including professional counseling) to help my daughter stop self-harming. I shared with Edvique what was happening with Rachel and she asked me to bring her to her house for an initial "play” visit. That day, it was just the 3 of us and I was kind of a spectator while I watched Edvique take a genuine interest in learning about Rachel. Working with Edvique ignited or possibly uncovered a passion in Rachel that absolutely changed her path to a more positive path in life.  She loves to spend time with her mentor/mom/coach figure WHENEVER possible.  As Rachel's mom, I couldn't be happier to have found someone who LOVES my daughter like one of her own.  The fact that they love to create beautiful things together might have been the initial connection, but their relationship is so much more than that today and I'm so thankful for that. Many years later, Rachel indicated to me that spending time with
Edvique and learning how to create beautiful things with her had saved her.  I take that statement very seriously.  For the record, Rachel is thriving today, she is happy, confident and a 4.0 student in college”




My daughter, Chris participated in Edvique’s teen program. During that time Edvique made a positive impact on Chris as well as my entire family as we navigated through the tough teenage years.
When I first spoke with Edvique I babbled out our story full of heartache and concerns about Chris, I cried about her low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and her self-mutilating behavior. Chris had begun cutting herself a year before. Counseling and medication seemed ineffective. When I finally took a breath, Edvique explained her passion about how she has seen creative mindfulness work for young girls and suggested a casual meeting with me and my daughter at her studio in her home.
That evening meeting was life changing for all of us. Edvique and Chris felt an immediate connection. Chris was enthralled with Edvique’s charismatic personality, compassionate listening
and her artistic talents. I knew Chris’s felt safe with Edvique as I listened to my daughter openly share her thoughts, feelings, and even the fact that she had been cutting herself. Edvique listened with love to Chris for two hours that night. Our healing had begun!
Since the first meeting our family has begun to heal and move forward on a positive path toward recovery. My daughter looks forward to each mindfulness art session with Edvique. Chris has developed new coping skills to help her handle the insecurities, stress and anxiety of being a teenager in today’s world. She now spends time painting or making jewelry. Chris reaches into her creative soul and produces art whether she is happy or sad. She no longer cuts herself or shuts herself away from our family. She has also shared these healthy coping skills with some of her friends, who now have their own art journals and jewelry making items. Through Edvique’s encouragement my husband and I are focusing more on our self-care and spending less time and energy hovering over our daughter.
Through Edvique’s guidance and mindfulness art sessions, Chris developed  positive tools and creative outlets to cope with life’s trials. We are incredibly thankful to have Edvique as part of our




If you were to have told me that a couple of years ago I’d be using Art journaling as a form of recovery and healing I wouldn’t have believed it! But meeting Edvique and having her show me her techniques on how to create and use my journal to put down my thoughts and emotions has pushed me further into healing. I’m huge into journaling already but never knew that using paint, charcoal and everyday materials would allow me to express what I often cannot articulate on my own! My art journal is a place I can be a “kid” again feeling free to create outside of the box! No expectations, no end results..just me creating. So very grateful for learning this art form!




“Edvique's gentle, non-judgmental guidance has been instrumental in the progress I have seen in my life over the last three years. I was drawn to her because of her sense of humor, authenticity, and creative sparkle. She has a zest for living that is infectious and a spirit that inspires me to never give up on myself. Like a friend, she walks beside me, but as a life coach, she shares experience, strength, and hope from the struggles she has already overcome. Based on a variety of training and expertise, she has a wide range of practical strategies to draw on. Recently, she facilitated a vision board party, where all participants were encouraged to be intentional about the coming year. With our scissors and glue, we made posters to help us visualize the desires we had for our lives. Already I have seen positive, tangible outcomes from that project. With the principals of Feng Shui, she has helped me bring more order and intention to my home. At a time when my faith has been shaken by difficult life events, Edvique has been a flicker of light---and sometimes colorful, fun fireworks---reminding me of my Higher Power's care and love.”



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