Creative expression is an effective and joyful way of honing awareness to truly live life to the fullest. Come experience how mindful drawing can immediately quiet your mind allowing you to get in the flow of meditation. 

Due to Covid 19, This play shop will be held via Zoom . Zoom Meeting ID 231 672 3589

This class needs to be taken from a computer 

Your contribution covers all art supplies  it also helps us be able to provide creative mindfulness activities for women and children living in shelters. 

Art training, talent or experience are not at all necessary. All you need to do is show up and be present, even in the face of the unknown

Supplies needed

Watercolor Paper 
Watercolors ..any kind 
Pencil / Eraser 
Ultra Thin black sharpie 
Stabillo All black pencil (Amazon-optional but lots of fun)
Soft small Brushes 
Paper towel 

Gold leaf flakes 
Matte medium or elmers glue

Doodles and Angels