Pay It Forward


We are passionate about making a difference in the world. It is our hope that you are, too.

Our mission is to support non-profit organizations dedicated to helping others. At Living My Now, we focus on groups that help the homeless and females. Specifically we partner with charities that encourage girls and women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation. We pride ourselves on assisting those organizations that help females explore options while making sure they have access to the support, resources and opportunities necessary to ensure a safe future, to grow strong, to love themselves and to make positive choices in their lives.

One way you can help our efforts is to purchase a Pay-it-Forward Love Token.    

When you purchase one of these handcrafted items, you can be assured that 100 % of the net profit is donated to non-profit organizations we have carefully chosen that share our mission to help girls and women create the life of their dreams!

That's right, every single cent is given to the charity.

What's more, each one is packaged with a lot of love by a group of volunteer women.

Please help us Pay it Forward by purchasing a Love Token for $4.50. >>CLICK HERE<<

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